Baby Pin Wheels

Final dimensions are 24.5” x 24.5”

It is assumed that we are sewing with a 0.25 inch seam allowance.

Fabric Requirements:
-Variety of scraps
-½ m of solid (in my photos it is the grey fabric)

To begin this pattern you will require an assortment of scraps. Generally you want them at least 8 inches long, and any width will do. The thinner the strip, the more you will need.

You will need enough scraps, that when sewn together you will be able to make 8 - 6.5” squares.
You will also need half a meter (a little less will do) of a solid colour for you background to your pinwheels. I have used grey in the sample.

Making Your Half-Square Triangles

Begin by pressing and trimming your assortment of scraps. Any width of scrap will do, (the thinner the strip the more you need), just ensure that you have straight edges to make for easy sewing.


Strip piece all your scraps, basically creating a half meter (more or less) piece of fabric. This piece of fabric you have created from your scraps is what you will be cutting your half square triangles from.

After strip-sewing your scraps together, give them a good press and start cutting your 8 - 6.5” squares. Once you have cut 8 of the squares, using a ruler and rotary cutter, divide the squares in half. You will end up with 16 triangles made of your pieced-scraps.

Solid Triangles

Next step is to cut 8 squares 6.5” in size. Divide those in half the same way you did to the scrap triangles to make 16 solid triangles.

Piecing your Pinwheels

Place one of your strip pieced and cut triangles, right sides together, on top of one of your solid triangles. Sew along the longest edge. Open, press, repeat for all 16 pairs.

You should end up with 16 units that look like this:


Once all your units are sewn and pressed you can start arranging your pinwheels and sewing them into blocks. One block is made up of 4 of your triangle units. One block should measure 12.5” square.You will end up with 4 blocks.Trimming each block to the 12.5” measurement with a rotary cutter and ruler will ensure you end up with the 24.5 ” square finished quilt.


Piecing your Quilt

Arrange and sew your four blocks together according to the title picture. Your quilt should measure 24.5 square.

Congratulations! You have finished your unique and fun quilt top! Check out the batting and backing page on the website for a step-by-step on how to finish this quilt to our hospital requirements.

Don’t forget your label!

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